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Revolutionizing Solar Power: Unveiling RayCatcher, Seashore Solutions’ Game-Changing Solar ERP Software

Seashore Solutions, a trailblazer in innovative business solutions, proudly introduces RayCatcher, a cutting-edge Solar ERP Solution. This ground-breaking software is set to redefine how solar companies operate, offering a comprehensive suite of features meticulously crafted for the dynamic needs of the solar energy industry.

In the ever-growing landscape of renewable energy, solar companies grapple with intricate challenges in project management. Seashore Solutions steps up to the plate with its Solar ERP Software, a powerhouse platform that not only meets but surpasses these challenges. It streamlines project management, amplifies supply chain visibility, and optimizes financial processes, providing a robust solution for the evolving demands of the solar industry.

Key Features of Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP Software:

Project Management:

Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP Software revolutionizes solar companies with state-of-the-art project management tools. Covering everything from project planning and scheduling to task management and resource allocation, the software guarantees meticulous organization and seamless execution of every facet in a solar project.

Customer Relation Management

Fostering strong customer relationships is pivotal for success, and Seashore Solutions’ software enhances sales efficiency, streamlines lead management, and promotes customer loyalty. Centralized customer data empowers manufacturers with insights for targeted marketing and product refinement. The software ensures meticulous lead management from initial contact to deal closure, incorporating real-time tracking and advanced reporting for optimized sales strategies. Key features, such as customizable processes, automated lead assignment, follow-up scheduling, tailored quotations, and efficient payment management, contribute to heightened profitability and market competitiveness.


Inventory Management

Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP ensures efficient inventory management in solar industry. With real-time visibility, it enables smart purchase and production planning, automating reorder points to prevent stockouts and overstocking. The software empowers businesses to optimize costs, enhance production efficiency, and elevate product quality through continuous availability of essential components. Key features include outward stock management, warehouse handling, low stock notifications, and comprehensive inventory auditing.

Purchase Management

Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP System’s Purchase Management Module empowers manufacturers to streamline procurement, track expenses, and manage payments efficiently. The ERP automates purchase order creation, approval workflows, and supplier invoice processing, reducing manual work and minimizing errors. Real-time cost visibility enables informed decisions on resource allocation and cost-cutting measures.


Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP System’s Manufacturing Module empowers businesses in optimizing production, reducing costs, enhancing quality, and fostering growth in dynamic market environments. The Production Planning feature ensures resource efficiency for diverse customer needs, whether Made-to-Order or Made-to-Stock. Streamlined order fulfillment, including Palletizing and Packing List capabilities, minimizes errors and shipping costs.

AI/ML & Automation

Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP System integrates AI/ML and automation to revolutionize your solar journey. The AI-Powered Solar Calculator precisely computes installation costs based on your energy bill, considering unique consumption patterns. The Automated Bill of Materials (BOM) feature streamlines projects by generating a detailed BOM using historical data. Additionally, the software’s 3D modeling from images allows you to visualize your solar setup before implementation, enhancing the overall solar experience.


Seashore Solutions’ Accounting Module is the keystone of financial control, revolutionizing accounting practices. Track expenses and earnings meticulously, ensuring precision in daily transactions and long-term investments. Tailor your accounting structure effortlessly with the dynamic Chart of Accounts, adapt to unique organizational needs, and say goodbye to tax-related worries with seamless tax management. The software provides real-time inventory visibility for informed purchasing decisions and offers in-depth Profit & Loss statements, uncovering invaluable insights into financial performance for data-driven decisions.

About Seashore Solutions:

Software consulting company Seashore Solutions LLC is a small business with offices in Austin TX. We offer consultancy services and specialised web, cloud, mobile, digital, desktop software development, ERP, Warehouse and Logistics Development.

Why Choose Seashore Solutions for Solar ERP Software?

Choose Seashore Solutions as your trusted ally for Solar ERP Software and unlock the full potential of your solar enterprise. Here are compelling reasons businesses opt for us:

Deep Industry Expertise for Tailored Solar Solutions Comprehensive Features for Streamlined Operations, Instant Access to Real-Time Data Insights for Informed Decision-Making Effortless, Integration with Your Current Systems, Dedicated Support for a Seamless Experience, Scalable and Adaptable to Facilitate Your Growth Improved Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity Proven Excellence and a Demonstrated Track Record in the Solar Industry


Seashore Solutions’ Solar ERP Software is now available for solar companies looking to elevate their project management and operational efficiency. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit https://zoho.seashore.solutions/raycatchererp-solar-erp-software/ .


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