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When it comes to improvising a film with fairy folk, Rasika Dugal says that written dialogue is “too clean and logical.”

<p>Actress Rasika Dugal will star with her husband Mukul Chadda in the forthcoming, unique movie Fairy Folk, which is helmed by Karan Gour. Fairy Folk is about to hit Indian theaters after garnering attention at esteemed events like the Sydney Film Festival and the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, among others.</p>
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<p>Rasika discusses working with her spouse, why Fairy Folk is distinct from other movies, and other topics in an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal. Take-outs:</p>
<p><strong>How do Fairy Folks come to be?</strong></p>
<p>As the title suggests, Fairy Folk is an unscripted film about magic realism. It is about many things, but mostly seen through the eyes of a Bombay couple who are compelled to reevaluate their marriage when an unusual creature, much to their surprise, enters their life. The narrative then takes a funny turn and deals with topics like gender identity, love, relationships, domination, and loneliness. Even though all of this seems extremely serious, it’s done in a lighthearted manner.</p>
<p><strong>What made you decide to perform Fairy Folk?</strong></p>
<p>Karan and I had collaborated back in 2011. I thus thought this script was fantastic when he presented it to us a few years back. I was also intrigued by the idea that it is an impromptu movie. Usually, there is a script and written dialogue when we shoot a movie. The sequences were not filmed in the sequence that they appear in the finished movie. However, we never know what will happen in a scene in an improvised film. There are no specific instructions as to how the scene is to be executed; instead, the director provides a general description of the scenario and the goals he hopes to accomplish. The movie is also filmed sequentially since the performers just improvise as the scenes go by. All of this gives things a more authentic and organic appearance. An actor would love it!</p>
<p><strong>How was it to collaborate with your spouse, Mukul Chadda?</strong></p>
<p>Since Mukul and I had previously collaborated in an improv group, we had a smooth working rhythm when we began filming Fairy Folk. However, he frequently serves as my sounding board after photo sessions. I tell him everything that has occurred on the sets, and he offers his thoughts. However, I was unable to do so in this instance since I respected his role as a co-actor and I couldn’t bother him with my own beliefs. I thus missed sharing like that. But all in all, it was excellent.</p>
<p><strong>What distinguishes Fairy Folk from all you’ve previously done?</strong></p>
<p>The dialogue in a bound screenplay for a movie often fails to convey the intended meaning of the moment. In my opinion, a scene’s concept is considerably better than the dialogue’s writing. Additionally, it takes a lot of effort on our part as actors to make such exchanges seem realistic. However, Fairy Folk has all the lovely quirks that arise from speaking in real life since it is an unscripted movie and we weren’t given any prewritten dialogue. Written discourse may sometimes seem too rational and tidy. Furthermore, when we communicate in real life, we lack rationality. In actuality, we are rather arbitrary. And Fairy Folk were free to be authentic and arbitrary. The movie’s best feature is its dialogue. It will seem as if you are listening to a live discussion.</p>
<p><strong>Do you believe that OTT offers more opportunities for success than Bollywood?</strong></p>
<p>There is a lot of potential for innovation in the OTT arena. The club extends an invitation to new members. And that’s what excites me about the space—it’s not like ten people run the show and distribute all the labor among themselves. You have a new program every month with fresh writers, directors, and performers. And the fact that a place can welcome newcomers keeps established musicians on their toes and ensures the space’s continued success always gives me hope.</p>

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