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Jo Jung-suk, an actor from Hospital Playlist, becomes a singer for this Netflix series

<p>In the forthcoming Netflix series A List to Playlist, actor Jo Jung-suk, who gained recognition for his work in Hospital Playlist, sets out on a new adventure as a rookie vocalist. Possessing over twenty years of musical expertise, the gifted actor hopes to become a singer-songwriter.</p>
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<p>Jo Jung-suk has enthralled audiences and won a great deal of affection from fans throughout his career, starting with his 2004 debut in the musical The Nutcracker and continuing with unforgettable performances in shows like Hedwig, The Face Reader, and Spring Awakening. Jo Jung-suk’s closest friend, Jung Sang-hoon, serves as head of entertainment in this first project, and Moon Sang-hoon joins the group to support Jo Jung-suk’s musical endeavors.</p>
<p>The program, which is helmed by Yang Jung-woo, combines drama with fantasy in a compelling way. Notably, after eight years apart, Yang, Jo, and Jung are working together again on this project. They last collaborated on the TV show Youth Over Flowers: Iceland. In this most recent series, Jo Jung-suk not only gets input on his original songs from well-known musicians, but he also displays his original method of organizing record ideas and putting creative marketing plans into action.</p>
<p>Recently, Jo Jung-suk’s unexpected singing ability came to light, surprising and delighting people who were unaware of it. When IU, a well-known singer and actress, discovered Jo’s hidden YouTube channel, the frenzy began. Jo uses this account to post song covers. The information was uncovered when IU uploaded a copy of her own song, Love Wins All, to her Instagram Stories and credited Cheonggyesan Daenggi Records as the source. Fans are eager to learn more about Jo’s undiscovered musical talent after this shocking discovery.</p>
<p>When IU posted on Instagram that she liked the cover, fans were quite curious. Social media users began to suspect that the private musician may be Jo Jung-suk, who worked with IU on the song You Are the Best when more information surfaced. A few perceptive viewers even identified the personalized guitar, which was given to Jo Jung-suk as a present, that was seen in the cover video. Remarkably, admirers saw parallels between the performer’s aesthetic and hoodie-wearing custom.</p>
<p>Jo Jung-suk just wrapped off his performance in the theatrical drama Captivating The King.</p>

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