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Chennai North Constituency Breaks Elite World Records for Maximum Voter Pledge received in 12 Hours

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India -April1, 2024 – Chennai North Constituency, under the administration of Greater Chennai Corporation, has made history by setting a remarkable world record for the most pledges received to vote in an election within 12 hours, across multiple locations. The unprecedented achievement, certified by both Elite World Records and India Records Academy, saw an astounding total of 410,988 pledges received on March 29, 2024. Archana Rajesh, adjudicator from Elite World Records, and Jeganthan Palanisamy, senior records manager from India Records Academy, presented the prestigious citation to the Greater Chennai Corporation in recognition of this extraordinary accomplishment. Dr.J.Radhakrishnan I.A.S.,(Commissioner), R. Lalitha I.A.S., (Additional Commissioner), and Katta Ravi Teja I.A.S., (Regional Deputy Commissioner) of Greater Chennai Corporation received the citation.

Dr.J. Radhakrishnan, Commissioner of the Greater Chennai Corporation, pointed out that this extraordinary feat underscores the unwavering commitment of the citizens of Chennai North Constituency towards active civic participation and democratic engagement. By mobilizing such a significant number of pledges within a condensed timeframe, the constituency has demonstrated a resolute dedication to shaping the future through the power of the ballot. The record-breaking initiative reflects not only the enthusiasm but also the sense of responsibility ingrained within the community, emphasizing the importance of exercising the fundamental right to vote. Such participation serves as a testament to the vibrant democracy of India and the invaluable role played by its citizens in the electoral process. Dr.Radhakrishnan congratulated Katta Ravi Teja, the Returning Officer of Chennai North Constituency, for his able leadership and efforts in making this SVEEP Activity successful, and also appreciated the entire team for their hard work on this initiative. He expressed confidence that such awareness activities would significantly increase the voting percentage in the constituency in the forthcoming election.

R.Lalitha, Additional Commissioner, stated that the Chennai North Constituency’s accomplishment stands as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals worldwide to embrace their civic duties and actively contribute to the democratic process. As we celebrate this momentous achievement, let it serve as a reminder of the transformative impact that collective action and civic engagement can have on shaping a better tomorrow, she further added.

Katta Ravi Teja, the Returning Officer of Chennai North Constituency, detailed that the motto of this voter awareness pledge drive, as part of the SVEEP activity, is to emphasize the importance of casting the vote among the voters of the territory. A total of 1456 Booth Level Officers, 565 district level administrative staff members, and 2509 volunteers from four different colleges were educated and trained for the purpose of this activity. Additionally, NGOs like EcoGreen Foundation and donors supported this massive awareness campaign as part of their social responsibility. The Booth Level Officers, along with the assisting volunteers, went door-to-door, meeting people and asking them to read the pledge, receiving commitment from the voters that they would cast their vote in the forthcoming elections without fail. I am pleased that this activity provided an opportunity for young, mostly first-time voters, who volunteered alongside booth-level officers, to engage with senior voters in the constituency. They gained a deeper understanding of the pivotal role elections play in shaping our country’s future. Ravi Teja expressed confidence that this SVEEP activity has had a significant impact among the public regarding the importance of voting and would result in an increase in the polling percentage.



Archana Rajesh, Adjudicator at Elite World Records, declared, “I declare that Chennai North Constituency, Tamil Nadu, India, has set a historical Elite World Record for ‘Most Pledges Received to Vote in an Election within 12 Hours (Multiple Locations).’ This achievement exemplifies democratic principles, reflecting collective commitment to civic engagement. Each pledge signifies a promise to uphold democracy’s essence, advocating for societal betterment. This record-breaking effort, beyond numbers, embodies individuals’ voices shaping their community’s future. Congratulations to Chennai North Constituency and the Greater Chennai Corporation for their exemplary dedication. May this achievement inspire global civic duty, fostering inclusive societies where every voice matters, she further stated.

P. Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager at India Records Academy, stated, “As the adjudicating team, we meticulously scrutinized the attempt ‘Maximum pledges for voting in an election within 12 hours’. We ensured adherence to set norms during field inspections and verified all signed acknowledgments, received by 9 pm on March 29, 2024. Adopting random sampling for document verification, we found a minor error of about 4.41% and 410,988 pledges were deemed eligible for the record out of 429955 pledges received. I commend all stakeholders for this timely endeavour, crucial for our democracy’s advancement. This initiative is poised to positively impact forthcoming elections, increasing polling percentages, he further added.

G. Sagayam, Founder of Eco Green Foundation, expresses his gratitude to the Corporation Commissioner and Returning Officer of the Chennai North Constituency for providing their NGO with the opportunity to serve the country in this democratic venture.

Chennai North Constituency’s record-breaking voter pledge initiative showcases civic engagement’s power, inspiring voters participation. It underscores democracy’s essence and fosters inclusive societies, shaping a brighter future for all.


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