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Sustainable India: Towards 2075: Roadmap for harmonious living in 150 blue green cities

Palash Tayal’s groundbreaking new book, “Sustainable India: Towards 2075: Roadmap for Harmonious Living in 150 Blue-Green Cities,” is poised to redefine India’s trajectory towards a sustainable and prosperous future. In this visionary work, Tayal, a seasoned global strategy expert and entrepreneur, offers an innovative and comprehensive roadmap for India’s evolution into the world’s first sustainable superpower over the next 50 years.

“Sustainable India” is not just a book; it is a manifesto for change, meticulously detailing a strategy that places sustainability at the heart of India’s national objectives. The core of Tayal’s proposal is the development of 130-150 equal high-rise, mixed-use blue-green cities. These cities will serve as the cornerstone of India’s sustainable transformation, enabling large-scale natural farming, dense forestation, and an extensive network of water bodies. This ambitious plan envisions approximately 100 million hectares dedicated to sustainable agriculture, dense forests covering 55% of the land area, and a vast network of rivers, lakes, and canals.

As India continues to urbanize, Tayal’s book proposes a harmonious balance between urban and rural development. The envisioned blue-green cities will not only foster urban sustainability but also catalyze the revitalization of rural areas through green transportation systems and sustainable infrastructure. Key aspects include systematic dissemination of family planning and robust social security measures, implementation of minimum wages, healthy work policies, and progressive asset ownership. Additionally, the book provides detailed transformation plans across industrial, manufacturing, and service sectors, demonstrating how production requirements can be minimized, domestic enterprises can gain a competitive edge, and the power of the people can be harnessed.

The book outlines a phased transformation plan: initial phase focusing on strategic government investments, consolidation and expansion of key industries, comprehensive development and relocation of infrastructure, and strategic changes in trade practices, employment, and wages. By 2075, Tayal projects India will emerge as an independent economy with a real GDP of approximately $28 trillion (2020 prices), offering a high quality of life for every citizen and achieving perfect environmental harmony.

“Sustainable India” introduces the world’s first comprehensive and empirical model of sustainability, based on leading research, data, and methodologies. This model defines the frontier of human knowledge, capabilities, altruism, health, and environmental consciousness, making it an essential read for government officials, business leaders, senior executives and managers, entrepreneurs, influencers, fresh graduates, final-year students, sustainability professionals, and educators.

Palash Tayal is a globally recognized strategy expert with extensive experience in diverse industries and regions, including India, the United States, and Europe. His illustrious career spans roles with The Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Strategy & Operations, and Strategic Decisions Group, among others. He has also founded a successful digital healthcare technology company and has a strong academic background with a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Tayal resides in Vancouver with his wife and daughter, where he continues to pursue his passion for sustainability, sports, and outdoor activities.

Embark on the journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future with “Sustainable India: Towards 2075.”

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